Legal Notice and Licensing:
The images on this website are copyrighted by me – Shaun Eastin – and all rights are reserved. This means that you may not use any of these images on your websites, brochures, magazines or in any form of advertisements without written documentation from me. Should you want to use one of my images – please feel free to purchase a digital download with the specified usage agreement. If you have any questions regarding the usage agreement please feel free to contact me so that we may discuss your requirements.

All of the images within this gallery are FREE to use for your blogging needs. I only require you to give me attribution for the image(give credit to the photographer). If you would like to use one of my images within your blog you need to send me an email with your intended purpose and a description of the image that you would like to use. In return I will email you a link to download a low resolution file of the image.

Print Sales:
All of the images within this gallery are available to purchase as prints. My printer of choice is MpixPro. They deliver high quality printing and reliable service that I back 100%. I offer both standard prints as well as fine art prints including Canvas Wraps, Vivid Metal Prints and Standout Prints.
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